Product Review: Rovex Viros Braid


I have been taking a closer look at super braids or braided multi-filament lines recently and managed to get my hands on some Rovex Viros braid form Thompson Walker. The new Rovex range of braided lines has been released to compliment the range of Rovex rods, monofilament lines, leader & reels now available. Viros braid is made of “new generation Digital Y6 Braiding for the smallest diameter, longest casting, and quietest braided fishing line ever produced” – or so the sales literature said!

The first thing you notice is how incredibly thin this braid actually is. We’re becoming accustomed to very thin braided lines, but Viros is in a new category. The 10lb flouro-yellow line I spooled my T-Alloy with felt more like 1lb than 10.

Being so thin you have to be much more vigilant in your knot tying. I have found through testing & experience that the Uni-to-uni knot for joining braid to mono/flouro is the best ‘quick option’. With the low diameter of the Viros braid I found myself doubling the normal wraps of braid over the mono to build enough bulk to feel comfortable. The knot diameter is sop small that these additional wraps have no visible or operation effect on the end result but give a bit more faith in the knot’s holding ability.

Once on the water it was a unique experience to cast with Viros. Once again the diameter takes a little getting used to. The braid is so limp it feels almost like hair to the touch.

On the trip we tested this line we were subjected to some incredible snapper fishing, including half a dozen fish over 15lbs and one that made 20lb. I did have one braid breakage about halfway through day one (of two). There was no sign of wear or near-by line damage and no indication why the braid broke where it did. This was the only breakage and no obvious weaknesses were found.

I gave the casting ability a good working over with weights form 1/8th oz right trough to 4oz and found no noticeable weaknesses or tendencies to loop, knot or fail. The ultra light casts were easier than with conventional braids I have used.

Our break tests showed that the 10lb spools we had broke at very close to their stated break strain – much to our surprise for such a fine braid. We are very impressed with this as most other brands we have tested break well over their stated weight, even for their diameter.

Overall I am very impressed with Viros braid. Viros is well priced & out-performs similarly priced braids I have tested.

By Derrick Paull

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